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Providing On-line Tuition For Dyslexic Pupils, Students & Adults

We match dyslexic learners with our specialist qualified teachers for on-line learning support from the comfort of your own home

On-line learning from dyslexpertise.com is the way forward for anyone struggling with traditional learning methods (age 7-77!)

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  • Is your child struggling at school?
  • Do they have reading or spelling difficulties?
  • Are they falling behind?
  • Do they already have a diagnosis of dyslexia?
  • Are you a student struggling with your learning?
  • Is it difficult to process new information?
  • Are you disorganised or forgetful?
  • Do you need support with your learning?
  • Do you think you might be dyslexic? Have a look at the video below:

Seeing Dyslexia Differently

This is an insightful video from the British Dyslexia Association:


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